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A Guide to doing Business with The Ringley Group

Purpose of this guide

Do you belong to/own one of the following types of company?

If so, this guide has been designed to give you simple guidelines on how to gain or improve your business opportunities with The Ringley Group.

London is a colourful and culturally rich capital city and The Ringley Group spends over £11 million per year on Goods, Works and Services. It is our duty to obtain Value for Money from all of our procurements. We aim to increase our involvement with local businesses over the following 3 years and take into account our social agenda where possible. This will have many positive impacts on the areas in which our managed sites sit, including:

Finding out about our contracts

We place all our tender opportunities on and you would need to be an approved supplier to be able to submit a tender.

Benefits of doing business with The Ringley Group include:

Step by step guide to procurements with The Ringley Group

We may ask you to fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire, which is a request for information such as:

This will help us to narrow down our search for the right company

We will advertise the tender opportunity on

The Ringley Group evaluates the tenders and awards the contract to the successful bidder, which is not always the company offering the best Value for Money

Selection Criteria

As stated above, companies may require filling in a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire in order for us to assess their suitability to fulfil the requirements of our contracts.

Financial information: We may require information to check you are registered for tax, and that you comply with our insurance requirements. We may also request evidence of your financial trading relating to the last 2 years.

Equal Opportunities: To become an approved contractor on you will need to have or create (using our policy builder) policies on matters such as “equal opportunities”. In this section you will be asked to respond to questions about how you include disability and racial opportunity for all, and we expect our contractors to adhere to our promotion of embracing of diversity.

Sustainability: The Ringley Group is committed to the sustainable development and in particular ensuring that our procurements do not in any way contribute to the deterioration of the environment. Similarly we expect our contractors to be committed to the sustainability of the environment.

Health and Safety: All organisations are required to submit or create a Health and Safety Policy (using our policy builder) this to be approved by the Senior Person in control of the company, such policy must refers to Health and Safety legislation.

Top Tips

What are the time restrictions?
Are you fully aware of the deadline dates?

It is very unlikely that we will consider any late submissions, so please ensure you submit your documents on time, otherwise the hard work will not be recognised.

Ensure that you complete all of the documentation that we request from you. If you struggle to answer something, contact the relevant procurement officer by email for help. Don’t leave gaps – tenders that are incomplete will not be considered.

Do not be discouraged if you if you are unsuccessful as there is usually quite strong competition for our contracts.

Finally, only bid for contracts that you are sure you can deliver.

Further Information and Contacting Us

For more information about The Ringley Group, please visit our website at and follow the links to contractorspanel.comthrough which we place all services we need to procure.

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