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Uploading Invoices

How do you get your invoice to us?

Simple, you upload it to

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Upload the PDF, excel, word document invoice from your Office Accounts Package.
  2. Or you can use our “Invoice builder” to create your invoice in our system.

Steps to upload your invoice

  1. Log in to
  2. In the “Invoices” menu select “Upload Invoice” (or click the big green “Upload Invoice” button if it is visible).
  3. From the displayed job list select the one you are invoicing for:
  4. Enter in critical details, upload job photos/job sheet & tell us if extra works are required:
  5. Click the “Submit and Upload” button (at the bottom left of the form).

5 good reasons why we require you to upload your invoice?

  1. Electronic procurement fits in with our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) agenda and is paperless
  2. Our clients get to see your invoice the same day on the Ringley Gateway (the Client area we maintain for each site).
  3. External Accountants log in to inspect invoices for Clients as part of their auditing process
  4. We work SMART and your invoice goes directly to the Manager who instructed you for them to authorise.
  5. Because you get the opportunity to upload job sheets and before and after photos which helps stop disputes.

How long will uploading an invoice take? Less than 1 minute, the less time than it takes to get an envelope and a stamp etc!!
Give me some reasons why I will benefit from uploading my invoice

You can

You will

No more gives you the fast track to the decision maker tells you We have categorized the invoice payment trail into 5 stages:

And, You can see the person who will actually authorise your invoice… their name, phone number & email.
So you don’t need to waste time phoning to see if/when your invoice will be paid.

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